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Every Day Adventures of a Pavement Pounding Mommy
5 May 1982
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Recognize the impact you have on the world.
Consider your words before you speak them.
Never let an opportunity pass to do kindness.

I'm not sure if I'm cool enough, but I live on the Upper West Side of New York City, anyway.

Yael is (you said it, not me) -
*Menachem Mendel Moo, Adelle Shayna and Yisroel Simcha's Mother
*A New Yorker
*A very nice girl
*Not wearing any pants
*Cute as a bug
*A very lucky woman
*A Jewish superstar: she's got mad middot and throws down wicked mitzvoth
*Awesome: she puts the "wickedbad" in CHABAD
*Married to a superhero whose mild-mannered alter-ego is a handsome accountant. (Ok, I said that.)

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